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Sights and sounds of
Nigeria paintings of
Juliet Ezenwa

She was first introduced to
the creative world of
painting and drawing by her
grandmother, who was a
traditional wall painter and
decorator. Her
grandmother had come
from a long, ancestral line
of wall and body decorators
popularly known as Uli
artists. Juliet in her early
days as a child lived with
her grandmother in  the
village. It was the
opportunity to imbibe some
creativity from her....

Juliet's poem, Memories,
derives from those
days...Those memories are
also reflected in her

When I think of home, I remember serenity.
Visions of lush green landscapes, remind me of
how fresh and clean the air can be.
Home, where one wakes up not to the blaring horns
of taxis, the shouts of bus conductors or the revving
of cars by neighbours, but to the melody of songs
from birds or the crow of the cock.
Home, where the water lilies grow free while fish
feed on their roots.
I remember Mama, with baby on her back, setting
out in her canoe to the market or to visit friends.
I remember her paddle making ripples and the
water reflecting images of things around while the
neighbours call out their greetings.
I remember watching the sun set as the fishermen
and women set out to fish.
I recall waking up early with excitement to welcome
I remember those sumptuous meals Mama used to
How I miss watching the reflection of the idle boats
at noon.
How I miss watching the changing colours of the
entire landscape.
How I miss watching brother bring in the herd of
goats from the fields.
How I miss the joyful laughter of children as they
play on a moonlit night.
Love permeates the air and suitors seek their
prospective brides.
How I miss the natural chill of the harmattan night.
How I long for those nights when I did not need to
worry about power failure or, worse still, the
agonising hum of generators.
How I miss sweet home.

-Juliet Ezenwa Maja-Pearce
university. After
graduation she at
different times worked as
a teacher and artist's
assistant before taking
up art full time.