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The New Gong has launched an e-book program that avails writers and
publishers the opportunity to make electronic versions of their works and make
them available to buyers as e-books so they can share in a growing global
market. The New Gong helps writers and publishers convert existing works into
e-books and, for those who want the additional step, place them on the Amazon
Marketplace or the Google Play Store where they can be purchased by readers.

What are e-books?
E-books are the electronic versions of books that unlike their paper versions
are readable on electronic devices including computers and a broad range of
hand-held devices including smartphones phones, tablet computers such as the
iPad and Galaxy Tab and a range electronic readers including the Amazon
Kindle and Barne’s and Noble’s Nook reader.

Why e-books?
The written word has been around for more than 2,000 years and the printed
word for more than 500 years starting from Johann Gutenberg’s discovery of
printing in the 15th century. While books and the printed word are still likely to
be around for a long time to come, there’s no doubt that increasingly the written
word is coming the form electronic texts and images designed to be accessed
on electronic devices., the world’s biggest online retailer, recorded
that electronic books outsold the traditional paper books among its buyers this
year for the first time ever.

It is a definite indication of where things are going. While many people are still
going to be reading paper books for years to come, more and more people are
going to want to access the electronic versions of those books. Therefore, there
will be an ever increasing demand for electronic books, making it necessary to
have both the paper books and the e-books. For publishers, e-books are going
to become important revenue streams in addition to the traditional books,
making it unwise to choose one for the other and beneficial to have both

Where The New Gong comes in?
The New Gong, a new-media publishing company based in Nigeria, is a bridge
between the old and the new, publishing both traditional books and e-books, in
addition to a range of media and publishing services. The New Gong has
pioneered print-on-demand publishing in Nigeria and is among the first
publishers in the country to make its titles available as e-books on Amazon’s
Kindle reader. Through partnership programs with and Google
Books, The New Gong is bringing its titles to a global audience of e-book
readers, making it easier for readers anywhere in the world to find the books
and download them and read the instant they want it.

Our charges are modest and leads our customers into an empowering process
that broadens their revenue potential while leaving them firmly in control.

To participate send an e-mail to: