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I am Tony G. C. Akudinobi, HDIMT, CEO
Hammerhead Integrated Ltd.
I am a visual thinker, poet, musician,
Everyman lives within the context of his
definitions and some of mine are:-

* Designs are creative manipulations of life.
* Beauty is an object shinning in interactive
light escalating in exactitudes losing
physicality to be.
* Every object carries in its being and
presence a force beheld as light shining in
the dialogue of
its existence.
The direction and dimension of
designs are like inputs in the brain of a
child which forms in learning and
perception but
grows with the courage of applications
in quest and conquest. The child
challenges, the man designs or any
way round.
I have become a part of this
manifestation crystalizing in these
In the course of physicalizing this
manifestation, (energy flow). I have
come to acquire space, silence, man,
deep thinking and
love to harvest these fruits of creative
manifestation of life and life forms.
These activities have brought other
men, thinkers,
who have lent their energy to build and
........To these men some are with me on
African Design Roundtable. Prof. E. B.
Allagoa (Chairman), Prof Frank Ugiomoh, Prof
Alabo, Dere-faka, Chike Amene, Jackie
K'obani, Perrin Oglafa IB. Erekosima
........To those who fetched from the stream to
water the tree of Hammerhead, Ebele Okoye,
Jackie, Kobani, Uche Chukwu,
James-Iroha, Marcia Kure and Nsikak Essien
who was there at the planting and always.
This union called Hammerhead Integrated Ltd.
We have grown into 10,000 sq. ft. of floor
space, very dynamic, resourceful
partnership and Board. Loads of gifted and
skilled craftsmen, concentrated supervision
and the creation of these objects.
.........I have a dream that one day and that day
is now, that every person who buys any of
these objects will find an everlasting
manipulation of life to become a lifestyle
defined on his or her own terms in the now and
always. This is my vision, mission and love to
all of you.

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