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The New Gong publishing house was founded in Lagos,
Nigeria in 2005 as an experiment on how writers could be
useful to each other beyond drinking together. And this
was by tapping from each other's expertise as proof
readers, copy editors, and graphic designers - a pool of
which was (is) always available in the literary nature of
things. The idea was that by tapping carefully from this
pool it was possible to produce quality books without our
having to give up that job that provides the daily bread to
keep body and soul together in order to write,(an age-old
agony) and at the same time break the barriers to getting

The result was The New Gong. It's not a conventional
publishing house. We operate as a collective whereby
each writer published in the series is responsible for
production costs (including printing and associated
editorial services). Writers are also expected to choose
their own cover design within the existing format with the
advice and criticism of peers.

Once published, the writer concerned becomes part of the
collective. They also benefit from a listing on online book
retailer Thereafter, the writer is responsible
for the storage and marketing of their book and taking the
proceeds. We also attend the annual African Literature
Association meeting in the US in order to make the titles
available to teachers of African literature in North America,
for which a modest fee is charged to cover transportation,
accommodation and registration, although this is entirely

While we may accept manuscripts for review and possible
acceptance, the core message of The New Gong project
is that it can be replicated by other writers and artists with
potentially better results. To ensure the high standards
manuscripts are assessed in-house for suitability. Our
only criterion is excellence. We consider all genres,
including novels, poetry, short story collections and

Intending writers should send a sample of their work as an
attachment to: Kindly ensure
that you include your name, email address and contact
phone number(s) on the first page of the ms.