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The Awakened African
Tony Akudinobi, poet, musician, visual thinker and
convener of African Design Roundtable shows off
his furniture designs and the thoughts behind
them. Read....

Tributes for Chinua Achebe
Writers pay their last respects as the author of
Things Fall Apart is laid to rest in his hometown.

Book Review:
A Colonist Discovers the
By Isidore Emeka Uzoatu

Ashikiwe Adione-Egom, the
Motor-Park Economist
Chuks Isiugo remembers The New Gong columnist
renowned economist, Ashikiwe Adione-Egom, who

The Motor-Park Economist as
a Work Colleague
Uzor Maxim Uzoatu writes on his working days with
Ashikiwe Adione-Egom.

Children's Day
Adewale Maja-Pearce reflects on the fate of
children as desperation rules in Nigeria. Read...

Imasuen: Writing and the
Challenge of History
Eghosa Imasuen, author of To St. Patrick, a novel
he describes as the alternate history of Nigeria, in
this interview with Henry Onyema, speaks on
literature and the challenge posed by history.

Naiwu Osahon Argues for
Single-Term Presidency
Renowned author and Pan-Africanist campaigner,
Naiwu Osahon, writes on the merits of single-term

Commentary: By Peter Alexander
(Ashikiwe) Egom

Yuguda's 1,070 Aides By
Adewale Maja-Pearce

Interview: 'Writers Shouldn't
Self-Censor' - Umez
Henry Onyema interviews Uche Peter Umez on
writers and writing. Read...

'Used Books On My My Shelf'
Isidore Emeka Uzoatu reminisces on his mounting
barn of used books.

Book Project: Issues in
Contemporary Nigerian Art
The New Gong plans to publish a book of essays
on current issues in Nigerian art. If you wish to be
part of it, click on this link

Emeagwali Writes for The
New Gong
Renowned scientist and one of the acclaimed
fathers of the Internet, Philip Emeagwali, in the
following series of articles reflects on Nigeria and
Africa's future 50 years after independence from
colonial rule. Read...

Nigerian musician, Nneka Egbuna, harks to an
amalgam of influences but then makes them all her
own. Read...

Nigeria and the South
Atlantic Market Bridge
Peter Alexander (Ashikiwe) Egom writes on the
potentials of cross-Atlantic cooperation between
Africa and its diaspora.

Nigerian Literature at 50:
A Coat of Many Colours
Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema reviews the
progress on Nigerian literature since               
independence in 1960.

The Poetry of Ebuka
Young poet and law student, Ebuka Ezenduka,
makes his debut with verses about things common.

Tribute to Ibrahim ben Tahir:
Mallam of Mallams
Peter Alexander (Ashikiwe) Egom has a vivid recall
of his first encounter with Ibrahim Tahir, politician,
scholar and author of The Last Imam, who died

Congo and Sudan: Lessons
for Nigeria
Mahmood Mamdani's keynote delivery at the Odia
Ofeimun Lecture, to mark the poet's 60 years, is
full of lessons and invocations for Nigeria from
other African examples.

Miano cries foul over treatment
of her book by U.S. publisher
Cameroonian writer Leonora Miano signed a deal
with the University of Nebraska Press to publish her
novel, Dark Side of the Night, but found the preface
by Terese Svoboda rather demeaning. She protests.

The scorpion that refused to
A short story by   
Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema  

Abuja: The Quintessential
Apartheid City!
Writer Chuks Isiugo, shares with readers his musings
on the city that is the pride of the Nigerian ruling elite,
painting a less-than-enchanting picture. Read...

Soyinka on Wounds to the
Psyche and Other Matters
Wole Soyinka, at the conference of the Nigerian Bar
Association, examines the demons on the prowl in
the country.

Vote with stones
A poem by Uzor Maxim Uzoatu gives voice to
opponents of former Nigerian military dictator Ibrahim
Babangida's bid for the presidency.

Homage in verse
Uzor Maxim Uzoatu pays homage to his hometown in
verse. Read...

The coming post-slavery
economics of right-is-might
In this essay, Peter Alexander (Ashikiwe) Egom,
remarks on the imminent end of post-slavery
economics and ponders its replacement. Read...

I must marry
A short story by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema.

Memories and lines
Isidore Emeka Uzoatu pens poems to love, politics
and war. Read...

Communist America or the real
end of history?
Uzor Maxim Uzoatu examines how the defender of the
free market became the apostle of state

Pius Waritimi: Art in search of meaning
symbolic expression. Read...

Our Credulous Grammarian
Wole Soyinka's You Must Set Forth at Dawn
reviewed by Adewale Maja-Pearce.

Poetry: Language of the Gods
Uzor Maxim Uzoatu interviewed.

A short story by Jane Bryce

Conversation with Wole Soyinka
Nobel winner speaks with Dulue Mbachu on the role
of the writer, his political activism, Sea Dogs and

Uzor Maxim Uzoatu shortlisted
for Caine Prize
The New Gong writer, Uzoatu, is on the 2008 Caine
Prize shortlist...
Read More.

In the Shadow of Mount Pelee
Interview with Aime Cesaire.

From Onitsha Market Literature to Home Movies
Uzor Maxim Uzoatu revisits the spot where Onitsha
market literature first sprouted.

Remembering Beko - A Regular Kuti
Isidore Emeka Uzoatu recalls an encounter with Beko

Mungo Park: In Praise of African Women
Adewale Maja-Pearce revisits the journals of Mungo
Park, the 18th century Scottish explorer.

New Generator: 'I pass my neighbour'
A short story by Eghosa Imasuen.

Interview with Chinua Achebe
17 years after a telling conversation with Chinua
Achebe, Dulue Mbachu shares it with one and all for
the first time.

Previously unpublished poems by Dulue Mbachu.

Under the Coconut Tree
Faction on the Niger Delta situation by John

Review of Wole Soyinka's You Must Set Forth at
By Adewale Maja-Pearce

The Essential Fela!
The very things tha made Fela Anikulapo-Kuti
an unusual artiste.

The Dog
A short story by
Uzor Maxim Uzoatu

Selling Africa
By Adewale

Interview with Sharifa Johka

Viewing Obudu
through the lens of
George Osodi

The painting of Juliet  Ezenwa

Random songs by Azubike Ufelle