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The Master's Voice: Nigeria and Global News
By Dulue Mbachu
In this study Dulue Mbachu examines
Nigeria’s place in global news flow, using
foreign news reporting by two Lagos
newspapers to illustrate the dependence
of local news media on Western news
organizations for knowledge of what
happens in the rest of the world. It shows
that foreign news coverage depends
largely on reporting provided by leading
Western news agencies. The study found
that much of the foreign news was about
the United States and leading Western
European countries. Even when Nigerian
newspapers covered their immediate
region of Africa and other non-Western
parts of the world, the sources were often
the same leading news agencies from the
West. The image of the world the
newspapers convey to their readers is
essentially that created by the dominant
Western news agencies. The constructs
made by these agencies are not value-
free but often correspond to their own
interests, that of their countries or the
ideologies to which they subscribe in
their definition of the world.
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