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Workshops Fourth Quarter

‘Never retract, never explain, get it down and let them howl!’
Thomas Hardy

Essays! Memoirs! Blogs! Reviews! Reportage!

B.A. (Swansea), M.A. (London)
Former editor - Heinemann African Writes Series
Former Africa editor - Index on Censorship
Former book reviewer - BBC World Service (UK)
Current co-publisher - The New Gong Publishing
Contributing Writer - International New York Times
Widely published in:
Granta, London Review of Books, Times Literary Supplement, Prospect,
London Magazine, New Statesman magazine (UK), The Guardian newspaper
(UK), The Independent newspaper (UK)
Author of:
Loyalties and Other Stories, In My Father’s Country, A Mask Dancing,
Remembering Ken Saro-Wiwa and Other Essays, A Peculiar Tragedy, among
others, as well as the forthcoming memoir, The House My Father Built

The workshops will take place on the following dates:
Saturday, 26 October 2014
Saturday, 16 November 2014
Saturday, 14 December 2014
Venue: 11, Abiona Close, off Falolu Rd, Surulere, Lagos
Limited spaces available for one-on-one and group workshops
For more information, including participation fee, contact Juliet Ezenwa on
0706 884 2389, or email: